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                         Why Custom Build a PC?

1) You NEVER pay for components you don't want or need.

2) You ALWAYS get to choose what components you do want.

3) All In One PC's will guide you in building a system package that is right for both your needs and budget. Use our easy questionnaire to get you started!

4) All In One PC's will ALWAYS give you details on the parts you have chosen, as well as the quality level of the parts you have selected. Unlike competitors you see on TV, magazines and radio

5) Unlike our competitors, you will be able to choose upgradeable major components, saving you $100's down the road years later rather than having to buy a totally new system in most cases. 

6) If you have recently purchased a new component for your existing PC, we will happily install it in your new system saving you money

7) We will most often apply a credit towards the purchase price of your new PC, depending on the specs and condition for your old PC as a trade-in, passing this additional savings on to you.

8) All New PC's come with 1 Year Free parts replacement and Free Labor as part of the package. We also include 3 years FREE Tech support. And yes, we do speak in non Computer Geek English.

9) Use our easy questionnaire or call us and we will contact you to start the process of owning a quality  Custom PC Built just for you, with exactly what you want and need inside.

Over 10 years experience in custom building and repairs.

All In One PC's

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