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Directions for Recommended Security Programs

Instructions for using Ad-Aware SE, Spybot Search and Destroy, and AVG Anti-Virus programs.  
**SpyBot and Ad-Aware SE need to be run MANUALLY on a regular basis.**

 Ad-Aware SE Updating
Double click the on your desktop screen

2)      The main Ad-Aware screen appears as below

3)      Click the link that says "Check for updates now" in the lower right hand corner (above the Start button).  The update window opens. Click Connect.       

4)      Depending on whether you have the most recent Ad-Aware definitions, Ad-Aware will either tell you that new definitions are available or that no updated components are available. Either way, click OK. 
(Note: Sometimes Ad-Aware will notify users of major releases through this update tool as well. If you choose to install a more recent version of Ad-Aware, it will bring you to a web page where you can download and install the newer version). 

5)  Ad-Aware will download the components or return you to the update window. Click the Finish button when it appears (you may have to wait for the download to complete). Ad-Aware is now updated!

How do I run an Ad-Aware scan?

1)  Open Ad-Aware to the main screen (see  above) by double clicking on the desktop icon

2)  Update Ad-Aware. (Follow the instructions above) if you have not already done so. 

3)  Click Start on the main screen on the bottom right. 

4)  Choose "Perform smart system scan" and click Next. (If you have an extremely persistent spyware infection or have never run the program before, choose "Perform full system scan"). 

5)  Ad-Aware will begin scanning, informing you of its progress. Let the scan finish completely to detect all spyware and adware on your system. 

6)  When the scan is completed it will show the Scan Complete window (see below). If Ad-Aware did not find any critical objects, your job is done for this week! Ad-Aware will show you a list of Negligible Objects. For more information about these, see Ad-Aware's help files.

7)  Scan Complete window. In this case Ad-Aware found 4 critical objects. Click Next to remove them.

8)  The results window appears (see below). The Scanning Results window shows information about each object found. Most spyware can be safely removed but always check the list before removing all objects.

9)   Right-click any one of these objects. On the menu that appears, choose Select All Objects. All Critical objects should now have a check mark next to them.
Click Next. Ad-Aware will prompt you to make sure you want to remove these objects. Click OK.

Spybot  Search and Destroy

      1)      Click the Spybot  Search and Destroy folder on your desktop screen.

2)      Click the Update icon.

3)      Click on Search for Updates icons. Then download and install updates.     

4)      Click check for problems on the top of the screen.

5)      After search is done, any problems will list on the screen. Put a checkmark by Red entries only unless you know the items are safe. Choose Fix Selected Problems and Spybot will fix those items.  

AVG Anti-Virus

      1)      Click the icon on your desktop screen.

2)      Search for updates this will be done automatically.

3)      Click scan for updates to download this will take about 45 minutes so I usually do this when working out of the house. After the scan completes any viruses will be deleted automatically.

4)      On the screen sometimes certain viruses will not delete, and on the left hand side of the screen it will say “infected”. Just highlight the virus and hit remove AVG will delete the virus, you may have to restart your computer when you do this.                  

******** I run these programs in this order ONCE A WEEK, Ad-Aware, Spybot then AVG Anti-virus. Also anytime Spybot pops up click, remember this decision on the left hand side and deny on the right hand side if you are not installing a program. We highly recommend using Mozilla Firefox for surfing the internet. Tip: Right Click on the link to open a new tab for convenient surfing. I hope this helps answer any questions, if not do not hesitate to call.    


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